GIOVE16 – Folding shutter

16mm thick bearing vertical staves with 25mm joints
Swivel frame on two, three or four sides. It has dedicated hinges, in the standard version a 2+2 sashes with black blind hinges.
An upper and a lower rail are recommended for big dimensions.
Available shapes: arch or trapezoidal

Standard equipment:
• Blind hinges
• Black shutter bolt, including lateral and upper shutter stops;
• Swivel telescopic frame with extensions on three sides


GIOVE16 is a shutter characterized by a small footprint and blind hinges.

GIOVE16 is an elegant product and it is suitable for big surfaces, thanks to the use of specific rails and hinges with sliding cart, tipically fold back towards the inside.

GIOVE16 can be realized in the window or balcony door version with a swivel perimetrical frame that allows the prevention of possible out-of-frame situation.

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