Efficiency – PVC – SOFTLINE MD 76

Overall thickness 96mm
Shutter overall thickness 76mm
6 insulation chambers
First quality MAICO hardware
HOPPE handle
3 gaskets, two on the frame and one on the shutter

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SOFTLINE MD76 represent the Italian style but it maintains the standard performance about thermal and acoustic insulation.
The high capacity in glass thickness of the system allows the placement of glasses up to 54 mm, usually they are realized with special triple glass that permit to reduce the thermal transmittance value to Uw=0,8 W/m2K.
The strong first class structure of these profiles, combined with the steel supports installed on the system, ensure a very good reliability over the time.

Glass thickness up to 54mm
Thermal transmittance value Uf = 1.1 W/m²K
It presents steel supports specifically studied by VEKA in order to guarantee  the best static solidity and the best functionality over time
Available with specific inside and/or outside “SPECTRAL” film

Frame overall thickness70mm
Thermal insulation:
Ug = 1,1
Ug = 1,0
Ug = 0,7 0,90 W/m²K
Ug = 0,6 0,90 W/m²K
Ug = 0,5 0,80 W/m²K
Security hardware:
Available forms:
– Rectangular
– Trapezoidal
– Arch and half-arch
Gaskets number:
Standard 3

– Fixed
– Dry-Keep (D and DK)
– Outside opening door
– Handle inside and outside
– Horizontal Bascule

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