Elegance – Legno Alluminio – LINEAR LINE

Overall thickness 96mm
Shutter overall thickness 96mm
3 laminated wood layer
First quality MAICO hardware
HOPPE handle
4 gaskets, two on the frame and two on the shutter

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LINEAR LINE is a 68mm window that successfully combines positive features of two noble materials. The external wooden part is combined to the aluminum to offer a greater lasting, a better look and energy efficiency.
In this profile the aluminium frame profile is coplanar with the sash profile.

Glass thickness up to 36mm
Thermal transmittance value Uf = 1.3 W/m²K
Different type of wood are used to produce this profile, such as pine, oak, mahogany, larch or others, depending on the client needs. The profiles are made of three laminated wood layers.
Rounded shape on the wooden part, available also in squared shape (QUBE alternative)
External shell available on wooden effect or RAL colours
The window external color can be different from the internal color, in this way you can have more options
Available with completely blind hardware

Frame overall thickness78mm
Thermal insulation:
Ug = 1,1 1,32 W/m²K
Ug = 1,0 1,25 W/m²K
Ug = 0,7
Ug = 0,6
Ug = 0,5
Security hardware:
– WK1
– WK2
Available forms:
– Rectangular
– Trapezoidal
– Arch and half-arch
Gaskets number:
Standard 4

– Fixed
– Dry-Keep (D and DK)
– Tilt slide door
– Lift slide door
– Outside opening door
– Handle inside and outside

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