Elegance – Legno – STRONGLINE 92

Overall thickness 103mm
Shutter overall thickness 92mm
3 laminated wood layer
First quality MAICO hardware
HOPPE handle
4 gaskets, two on the frame and two on the shutter

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STRONGLINE 92 is a modern window system with a 92mm thickness; it is available in two versions:
Master: simple and modern design glazing bead
Retro: classic design glazing bead

This window is characterized by its high thermal insulation and its structural rigidity. Thanks to excellent building methods, they provide extraordinary thermal and acoustic insulation.
These windows are made of high quality and perfectly aged laminated wood and they have an anodized aluminum drainer with ventilation and water draining holes and 4 perimetral gaskets to guarantee a better insulation.

Glass thickness up to 50mm
Thermal transmittance value Uf = 1.1 W/m²K
Different type of wood are used to produce this profile, such as pine, oak, mahogany, larch or others, depending on the client needs. The profiles are made of three laminated wood layers.
Possibility to have wooden drainer
Available with completely blind hardware

Frame overall thickness92mm
Thermal insulation:
Ug = 1,1
Ug = 1,0
Ug = 0,7 1,05 W/m²K
Ug = 0,6
Ug = 0,5 0,94 W/m²K
Security hardware:
– WK1
– WK2
Available forms:
– Rectangular
– Trapezoidal
– Arch and half-arch
Gaskets number:
Standard 4

– Fixed
– Dry-Keep (D and DK)
– Outside opening door
– Handle inside and outside

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